Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is often a final step

Once Blazer Tree Services cuts down a tree, grinding the stump is often the final step in the process. Our crews expertly and methodically:

  • Cut the stump as low to the ground as possible.
  • Maneuver a cutter wheel back and forth over the stump.
  • Continue grinding the stump until it sits between 6 and 8 inches below the existing land grade.
  • Rake the stump grindings (think of it as mulch) into a neat pile so it can settle.
  • Leave any remaining mulch for the homeowner, who can use it to control weeds and insulate plants, shrubs and flowers.
  • If requested, haul away any excess mulch.

Exposed tree stumps pose a nuisance

Sometimes, homeowners “inherit” tree stumps left behind by a previous owner. You may be trying to make the best of them; you may have even Stump grinding: Blazer Tree Services, Richmond VA arealearned to ignore them. But exposed tree stumps pose real hazards. They can:

  • Spread disease to nearby trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Attract insects, including ants, beetles, termites and other wood-boring pests.
  • Damage and upend nearby sidewalks and walkways since the roots continue to spread and grow.
  • Spawn the growth of scraggly and unsightly “tree sprouts” around the stump.
  • Damage your lawn mower.
  • Cause people to trip, fall and injure themselves.
  • Potentially lead to expensive liability claims
  • Consume space you probably wish you had for another purpose.

Stump grinding should be entrusted to professionals

At Blazer Tree Services, we’ve seen a lot and heard it all, including stories about homeowners who hack away at a tree stump with tools from their garage or use dynamite to extract a stubborn stump. In fact, all tree stumps are stubborn, which is part of the reason why you should never attempt to grind a tree stump yourself. It can be dangerous work, and it requires skill to handle without incident.
Like all your tree care needs, leave this one to the experts at Blazer Tree Services. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your family.