Tree Trimming

Tree trimming matters

Trimming plays an important role in tree care. It not only enhances the appearance of a tree, but it also promotes a tree’s health and longevity. Regular tree trimming pays another dividend, too: it helps maintain the integrity and structure of a tree as it grows. You might notice this benefit after a particularly windy rain storm. A tree that has been trimmed regularly is more likely to avoid damage from wind and rain. Since weak or dead branches Tree climbing and pruning: Blazer Tree Services, Richmond VA areahave been eliminated, the tree shouldn’t look tattered and ravaged; its shape and appearance should still be intact.

Regular tree trimming pays off

Trees that are trimmed regularly:

  • Look healthy
  • Become stronger and more resilient
  • Spawn more frequent flowers or fruit
  • Improve the appearance of a home (and its value, too)
  • Reduce the risk of damage to people and property

Tree trimming should be entrusted to professionals

If you think that anybody with a pair of pruning shears can trim a tree, then you may think that anybody with a pair of scissors can cut hair. Both jobs may start out with the best of intentions, but it usually doesn’t take long before it’s clear that skill and experience go a long way; professional skill and experience can mean the difference between a tree that thrives and a tree that dies.

You can count on the professionals at Blazer Tree Services to:

  • Inspect a tree carefully before we snip a single branch
  • Take the least aggressive approach necessary (like the best surgeons)
  • Always try to present options
  • Explain things in terms you can understand

Sometimes tree trimming can lead to tree removal

Just like we often save trees otherwise destined for removal, sometimes a tree that a homeowner thinks could benefit from the removal of a few token branches actually needs to be cut down instead. This scenario often occurs because a tree is suffering from internal decay and there is no way to save it.

Either way, you can count on the experts at Blazer Tree Services to carefully diagnose your tree and remove it only as a last resort. At Blazer, we love your trees – almost as much as you do.