Tree Removal

Do you know if you need Tree Removal?

Generally speaking, most homeowners do not have the expertise to know if an ailing tree should be removed. Sometimes, a tree that looks unhealthy or unsafe can be trimmed or pruned instead of being removed. Tree removal is a serious undertaking, and although our goal is to save trees whenever possible, safe and professional tree removal is one of our specialties.

How does Blazer Tree Services decide if you need Tree Removal?

Our many years of experience as tree care experts has taught us that a tree removal decision should be based on more than meets the eye. Just like going to the doctor for your annual physical, a thorough

examination of the tree and its surroundings is needed. Symptoms like these would provide clues whether tree removal is needed:

  • Exposed roots
  • Soil compaction, erosion, or heaving
  • Tree damage, discoloration or abnormal growth patterns
  • Dead branches in the upper crown or on one side of a tree, signaling root or trunk damage
  • Internal decay, tree rot, or fungus growing on the tree


Safety Considerations for Tree Removal

Tree removal is absolutely necessary if there is a safety risk for your home, family, or visitors. Here are some instances where tree removal is needed.

  • Trees leaning over your home, garage, barn, shed, or other structure should be removed.
  • Trees leaning over a driveway or sidewalk should be removed.
  • Trees leaning over power lines or other above ground utilities should be removed.
  • Trees whose roots are too close to your home’s foundation, patio, sidewalk, or paved driveway should be removed.
  • Trees whose roots are too close to underground utilities should be removed.


Other Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree removal is not only for sick or failing trees. Reasons to remove healthy trees might include:

  • Clearing a wooded lot to build a house, garage, or barn
  • Clearing trees to start or expand a garden
  • Installing a pool or patio

These tree removal situations also need safe and professional tree removal. Call Blazer Tree Services for a tree removal assessment. Don’t forget, we grind stumps, too!